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Mercedes Cab Blinds


Have you got a Mercedes campervan with a tired grey blind that hasn't been cleaned since it left the factory 30 years ago?

Original colour!

Well! Here is some news, you can change it! To any fabric you like! Any pattern! Do you like cats? Throw some cat patterns, or maybe a llama or two.


I popped into a local DIY shop and they had some fabric, so I had a nosey around and found this fabulously bright fabric that I just knew Stewart would love! It's flowers and orange! Fast forward a couple of hours and I was taking down the blind in the van and re-upholstering it with this beautiful fabric!

I took the old fabric down and used them to make the patterns for the new shades. The fabric hadn't worn but it was just discoloured and dirty. I hemmed the edges so that the poles would fit back through, sit flat, straight and fresh.

Below you can see the process. They really were not difficult to change at all, there was a little problem and I was sratching my head for a good hour before I could work how the mechanism worked to recoil the fabric when the switch was flicked!

The relief when it worked and I realised I hadn't totally detroyed the blind!


I also added a contrasting colour pull tab in leather for the blind with some additional co-ordinating stitching.

Stewart was very happy with the overall finish of the blind, he loves the flowery patterns, the fresh look.

So do i! If I had a cab blind, this is definitely something I would be changing, adding some bright colours into the cab adds a freshness that you don't ordinarily see in a cab.

Do your blinds need brightening? Drop me an e-mail for a price or any questions!

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