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Lenny Burners

Wood Burner

What a great addition to any van! A wood burner with a footprint of 250mm x 250mm, standing at just 500mm, this small but mighty handmade wood burner can heat up any room quickly. 

With the popularity of vanlife increasing, the cost of living rising quicker than wages, every penny counts. One huge plus side to wood burners, you can heat your space for virtually free.


When travelling in a van, miles away from civilisation and you have just found that perfect spot camped up next to a lake, looking up the mountains and enjoying a steaming cup of coffee, but your diesel heater has just ran out of fuel and it is due to be 4 degrees over night, and you just don't want to leave! The Little Lenny burner waiting in the corner of the van... It is perfect for twigs, sticks, pinecones and even chunks of coal!


Little Lenny

  • Removeable ash pan

  • Airflow control

  • Lockable ash pan for travelling

  • Cast iron style

  • Window

  • Small footprint

  • Uses twigs, kindling, coal

  • Surround for saucepan or kettle

  • Doubles as cooker/heating

  • Free/cheap heating source

  • Fixing feet

  • Rear chimney for extra cooking space

Having lived in a van for several years I know the importance of having two heat sources. The benefits of having a wood burner are that it is dry heat, when it is raining outside or the air is damp your van tends to get condensated. Having the wood burner illiminates a lot of the water from the van, keeping it dry and stopping the condensation building up behind the walls/windows. Testing the little Lenny burner, I managed to get it up to 364 degrees, it managed to boil a pan of water! A great added bonus with having the extra ring on the top is that it doubles up as a cooker!

If you are interested in having a wood burner for you van, boat or shed then drop me an e-mail or whatsapp message! We do also sell the flue pipe and the cowl as an additional package. You can buy the flue in 100mm, this is a great unique feature that we offer as sometimes you only need an additional 200mm but you have to buy a 500mm piece! All that wastage! We offer this at £42 per meter. 




£385 incl. p&p


Weight - 15kg

Overall Height - 500mm

Overall Width -230mm
Overall Depth - 215mm

little lenny.png
big lenny.png


Little Lenny

£330 incl. p&p


Weight - 13.5kg

Overall Height - 395mm

Overall Width - 230mm
Overall Depth - 215mm

Delivery cost is to mainland only, please ask for delivery overseas.

If you're interested in ordering, please contact me for payment options!

Any questions?


Whatsapp: 07709976723

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