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Custom Boat Seating

If you're the proud owner of a speedboat or leisure boat and are on the lookout for a beautiful interior or exterior retrim, then drop an e-mail for a range of specialist marine fabrics available and services on offer. Using the highest quality marine fabric with UV-resistant qualities and anti stain treatment. 


A customer wanted a brand new set of cushions building for his boat, there was nothing to go off and my criteria for the final product was plain, white and some piping! The above photo was the final product for the port side seat, I think I hit the criteria for this... White, plain and piping. He was over the moon when he came to collect them, it was just what he was after. The boat was having a complete rebuild, the old seats were not in any fit state for them to be used so he popped by, chatted about what he was after and I set to work on making these for him!


He brought the wood down precut that was the size of the seating area. I ordered some foam - 4" high density foam, placed the boards on top and cut them roughly to size, I managed to get all 4 boards cut from the one sheet of foam - 8'x4'. After using contact adhesive to keep them in place, I placed the foam on top and cut them to size. The next part was a little tricky, he asked for a roll on the front and rear of the foam, just so it was more comfortable when sitting down.

After shaping the foam I got to work making the patterns, making the piping and sewing everything up!





Piping strips all cut and ready for the piping cord!

Sewing machine in action sewing the side box in place with piping.

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