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Having a wander up Snowdon, Snowdonia in North Wales was chilly to say the least, but my word, I was given the most spectacular and beautiful views that you could not even imagine. Taking very regular breaks to capture some photographs of the surrounding views definitely made the 4.5 hour ascent and descent worth it, especially as when I got to the top my camera battery died because of the minus temperatures.

I was not very prepared at all, my rucksack contents included; my DSLR Camera, my Instax mini and a strawberry yogurt. As I was gaining height I also got further and further into the cloud the ground beneath me was an ice skating rink, I should have been a professional on my way back down, but no, all I did was hurt my both my hips and end up with a beautiful bruise to mark the occasion. 

Walking up the Rangers Path that towards the summit connected to the Llanberis path, walking along side the railway. It was beautiful, from what I could see...

I would 100% recommend this walk to anybody! On my descent there were a few families with young children, a few older ladies and gentlemen. As is usual to me, I talk to everybody, there were a young couple that had come from Poland to do the walk and see the beautiful views (I hope it cleared by the time they got to the top!), another couple that had traveled from Oxford!

Chilly descent

After the 4.5 hour walk, I craved spaghetti hoops! Camping stove, dinner and a date in tow.

While warming up food, a little robin came over, we shared lunch.

His name; Flora.

A well deserved cup of tea, sat by the warm wood burning fire, all cosy. Drying off.

11th February 2018

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