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So. Much. Change.

­­Thursday 18th February 2021.

Oh wow, 6 weeks into 2021 already! So much has changed already. My life made a total 180 in a matter of a few hours. I’m not entirely sure where I should begin.

I left my partner of 2 years, I started up my upholstery and portrait artwork business, I have gotten back in contact with friends from years ago, I have made new friends, new interests, life goals have changed and most importantly, I have taken time for myself to find out what I want out of life. I have moved in with a friend for the foreseeable future. Having family, friends, love and support around me has made a massive difference to my quality of life, already.

I will be doing some YouTube videos of what I am up to… Painting, upholstery, converting my Range Rover Classic into a campervan; building a roof tent, fitting solar panels, electrics, charging points, a shower! A shower!? That is something I am so excited to do.

A few of you have asked about living in a house and how I am finding it. Honestly. I am finding it very odd, so much space! I have to walk through 7 doors to go to the bathroom! 7!! I am used to walking through 1! The kitchen, that gets me every single time… There is so much space I just never know where to sit, walk, talk, stand. Every person in the house can sit in a room on their own and there would still be rooms empty. It baffles me. But what I do like is everyone can have their own space and their own little haven (except when I just got moaned at for singing along with my headphones in! You go and sit in your own room! Hahaha), you can have your own alone time, chill out, headphones in and listen to anything. But singing, singing isn’t allowed apparently! Nevermind. I will stick to singing as loud as possible in Lenny and in my unit. Bedroom, it is nice not to have to share a bed. It is so bloody lovely to stretch out, cocoon myself in my quilt and not be disturbed. If I get bored of sitting in one room, I can go and sit in another, I can go outside, I can go to the unit and do some work.

Currently I am making some curtains and other stuff for Stewart (Desert Rat Van!), I have one more day left on them fitting the lining and making sure they are all ready to head off up to him in a few days time. They are the biggest curtains I have ever made! 115 inches by 80 inches! They will hopefully be the biggest curtains I ever make, I did something silly, I pulled all the muscles in my neck and top of my back making the one curtain. They are so heavy. They are patchwork, prettiest and quirkiest curtains I have ever seen. I do love them.

Oh! I also ordered some business cards, I adore them. They are simple, straight to the point awith the information needed to contact me! I did also order a magnetic sign for my car, which was great until I tried to put it on Lenny and it slid off. I totally forgot that the door skins etc were all aluminium! I thought, oh well I can just put it on the tailgate, nope! There is no space because of the number plate... Okay, bonnet it is! The only problem, no-one can see it as the bonnet is so high! You'd have to be in a tractor to be able to see it! Fail. Never mind, it is on my friends car at the moment!

Painting portraits seem to never end, I am absolutely loving what I am doing. Painting family pets is something I have done for many years, but I have finally realised that I can sell my artwork. I am also filming them, time-lapse paintings are an extra treat for friends. People always ask me how I paint them and quite honestly, I have absolutely no idea, I just sit down, put my music on and I can do it. It just happens. The paint brush touches the page and off it goes and before I know it I am adding the detail into the eyes and fur.

Currently, I am absolutely loving my life and where I am heading. I mean, I have no idea where I am going, but I love the journey I am on. I love having the freedom to be me, having the courage to do me and what makes me happy.

Til next time!

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