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I have changed my mind.. Again.

For those of you who have seen my previous blog post, I had decided on a name change.... The Lilac Landy. After some consideration, a name change, a new logo design and painting my tail gate Lilac... I decided to change the colour of the car to green! Well, where does that leave The Lilac Landy, I went back to Phoebe On The Road! Because, well, a green landrover called the lilac landy, just does not work.

Here, I am... Again!

Anyway. It has been a few months since my last blog post and I thought I would update you guys on what has been happening. Which seems a lot but also not that much at the same time.


I started up a little upholstery business of my own! After doing some things with fabric with Stewart back in August, I have really fallen in love with recovering EVERYTHING. I haven't really done too much upholstery beforehand, although both my mum and grandma where a whizz at the sewing machine, i could never grasp the concept of threading a bobbin. After trial and error, a few youtube videos I finally mastered the threading of the bobbin, success! My mum had shown me how to sew before, but it was not something I showed very much interest in, I could patch a hole and take up my trousers but that was the extent of my sewing. While I was building Poppy I was using a small childs sewing machine to sew up the sun visors and door cards, and I really fell in love with it, but I didn't realise how far it could take me and how much I would enjoy it! The things to re-upholster on my list so far; my car seats in Lenny! A little seat to go into the unit I have.


I have always loved painting, making a mess and generally creating new things. I do paint portraits anyway but during lockdown I seem to have found a new love for painting. With Christmas fast approaching I have been asked to do a few paintings of pets for their owners as gifts. I have recently completed two bishon frise paintings for a friend ready for Christmas.

Above are the two most recent paintings; Charlie & Chester.

Lenny The LandRover.

Oh Lenny, Lenny, Lenny. I can't forget Lenny!

He is a 1994 Range Rover Classic, 200 tdi and he is green! I found Lenny on eBay a few months ago during LockDown, when I saw him I just knew that he was the car for me! I had Poppy previously and I sold her to be able to afford buying Lenny. I watched a few videos on YouTube 'Only A Roadtrip Away' and they inspired me to build an overland vehicle. Lenny is that car! So far, he has passed an MOT, I have big plans for him with a rooftop tent to be able to sleep, a shower, washing facilities, cooking facilities and a fridge! So far I have bought the fridge, but the rest hasn't yet been done.

To prepare for the interior building, I have relined my headliner because the original was grey, sagging and dirty. I chose a beige colour so it would hide a lot of dirt, black would be too dark and white.. well, that was a no! I did debate with using vinyl, but i really didn't not want it to buckle and show dimples. I have also recovered the grey plastic light holder and grab handles into beautiful brown leather and cream stitching. While doing these I decided that the sun visors needed uplifting too! I made a pattern and hey presto, I now have a matching interior! Just a few other little bits to do then I can build.

At the moment, this is all I can think of that is new! I have some upcoming projects that I will document here and on my instagram/facebook page! I am so excited as to what 2021 will hold. A new year, but it is only the date that changes, the dreams don't!

Happy Holidays everyone. Hope you have a wonderful time spending it with those close to you. Let us hope that brighter things are to come in the New Year.

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