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Ariel Huntmaster 1958 Motorcycle Seat


When this old motorcycle seat was dropped off I wondered where I should start first. I was a little overwhelmed in the beginning as the metal seat base needed welding, it needed brand new foam and re-shaping, new patterns and new press tabs on the bottom to hold the new cover in place.

It had already had a repair done on it previously, so I had to make a totally new pattern for seat to match the new foam, I had to wait for that to arrive which took 3 weeks. It was a foam moulded seat base.


Right up to this point took around 5 hours (not including the welding), using contact adhesive it holds the foam in place.

I marked out where I wanted each panel to come to, this show how many panels I needed to cut out. All I then needed to do was add the seam allowance and pull fabric.

I made the piping strip and fitted it all together. The practise piece looks great and I am happy with the fit, now onto making the actual cover with the the outdoor vinyl.

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