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Bergamo, Milan - Italy

20th November 2017

Oh Italy, you absolutely beautiful place. There was just not enough time in 3 days to explore every back street, alley, canal and city. I will most definitely be returning! A short three day break away from normal dreary day in England was definitely needed in order to celebrate a new house, a new job, a new life (and the hard work that was put in!).

Seeing both Bergamo and Milan was not on the original plan (but plans are boring ey), booked the flights, the hotel, checked all the tickets for the metro and buses and I was ready to go! Until the night before, when I realised I had booked the flight home from a completely different airport. Oops. No panic... "I can just take an hours bus ride early morning to catch the plane" I said to myself.. If only that would have worked. Instead, id booked a coach over to Milan from Orio al Serio airport to Milan centre for the next morning, why not explore two cities while I am here. So that is what I did.

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