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Cadair Idris - Snowdonia

26th April 2018

Cadair Idris is a little hill (892m) in the southern end of the Snowdonia National Park. Not too difficult, but there is no relaxing until you are at the first peak! You are up and down, up and down! The views are endless once you reach the trigg point! It was quite cloudy the day I arrived, few moments of clear sky but didnt last long enough for me to turn my mobile back on! iPhone kept dying because of the cold temperatures, once in the little hut at the top and speaking to a few other walkers, they had the same issues too :( 

Decided against the pony path only because there were not very many views until you reached the top! Took the slightly more difficult path but got beautiful views the whole way! Walking the Minffordd Path was totally worth it!

Trigg point and a stop for lunch! This little hut was full, everyone had stopped to have lunch before making their way back down the other side.

Obligatory trigg selfie! On the list to do again. See you soon Cadair Idris!

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