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17th May 2017

Turkey, Turkey, Turkey. Wow. This was my first holiday abroad ALONE, I was scared, nervous and excited all at the same time. I have never been so happy to get to an airport and make it safely to the airport lounge in one piece. I was 4 1/2 hours early for my flight, but I used the time wisely, drinking tea, phoning my mum to make sure I had everything (little too late), calling my Dad to say I was going to Turkey, alone. I had a better time than I could possibly have imagined. 


Waking up to this view EVERY morning was definitely not a problem. The alarm of "good morning, good morning, we've talked the whole night though, good morning, good morning to you" literally resonated through the buildings. Everybody was happy. Showered, dressed, breakfasted and my first day was about to begin!

I found the local excursion shop and booked in; paragliding, rafting and quad biking! It was my birthday on the Saturday so i decided to do the paragliding then, make it a birthday to remember. Spent the Friday at the beach, looking around the town, meeting new faces and just having a quiet day.

Paragliding was absolutely amazing. I had THE best time, definitely recommend it to anybody and everybody. I am scared of heights, especially when it involves a thin piece of fabric and a few pieces of string, but honestly, it was the best experience. Have a go!



After everyone worked out which their left and right hand was it all went 'swimmingly'. Rafting was such a fun experience, I am a little nervous around deep water and boats! How on earth we managed to stay in the boat without anybody falling out is beyond me, but it was a brilliant experience. I cannot wait to go again.

A few members from other boats and kayaks fell into the water, but the instructors quickly directed people to safer water and able to climb back on shore. While out there was an opportunity to jump from one of the bridges, swim across the 'stream' and onto the ledge, which you could again jump off. BRILLIANT FUN.

Quad Biking

Quad biking was the last activity I had booked through the week. The week before I had gone they had a fair amount of rain! So in some places there were floods everywhere! Driving through the water was SO much fun, messy to say the least!

There were some beautiful views! 

I had a couple of down days to enjoy the beautiful sunshine, celebrate my birthday with plenty of Piña colada and people who I met along the way.


This was my first holiday on my own, abroad, in a country that I had only been to once before. The locals were lovely, friendly and so helpful!


While sat outside in the bar, I met a couple (dutch) shell and leo, I sat with them on my birthday evening, their friends all sang happy birthday to me, the barman brought me a drink over, oozo and a small glass of water! (not a fan, but still appreciated!).


Thankyou Turkey! I will be back soon! 

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